Sailing fast in style!

A Fabric mod that adds a HUD specifically for boating.

This HUD was designed more for boat racing, but it should be 100% usable for casual boating around water. Configuration is done through Mod Menu. Displayed info includes: speed, drift angle, acceleration, and inputs. I took a bit of inspiration from the F1 games. :) Pls don't sue EA

This mod is the pride of software engineering for me! Its pre-release life followed a very quick and by-the-book development cycle: a vision, a concept, rapid prototyping, and polishing for release all under two weeks.

Additional Information

HUD Details: A reference sheet is included:

Regarding Quilt & Fabric: Boat​Hud will support Quilt once I'm comfortable with porting mods to it. Fabric support will secondary, and may be dropped.

Known Bugs