Bridging the past to the future

This is a small mod for 1.8.9 that adds a few quality-of-life features that are commonly found in modern clients, in modern vanilla, or can be easily found in newer mods. Currently implemented features:

Additional features planned to be introduced include:

I have a computer with Windows XP installed on it, and theoretically I can run Minecraft all the way up to 21w18a, but I've had no luck in getting the world to generate post 1.13. I figured that, since it's already running an old and outdated operating system, an old and outdated version of Minecraft to accompany would be a-ok! I'm not putting it on CurseForge or Modrinth because I don't think there are a lot of people deliberately playing on 1.8.9.

There are no public releases available for Bountiful​Additions. To use this mod, you'll have to compile it first. In order to compile, run ./gradlew build and the binary should be in build/libs/ as bountifuladditions-1.0.0.jar.