Quick Start Guide for Scooters Mod

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Scooters Mod only requires Fabric API. Make sure you have the correct version for your Minecraft.

Scooters Mod is required in the server as well. Install it like you would install any other Fabric mod in a server.


You can't go anywhere without tires. They will take damage over time, but they can be repaired with each other efficiently or patched up manually. You'll also need to watch where you ride, some surfaces are really aggressive to tires!

To craft a tire, place wool (any color) and coal blocks alternating in a ring, with iron bars in the middle as the rim. The result will be an unprocessed tire that needs to be vulcanized.

You can only vulcanize tires on a blast furnace, as it needs to be in a very hot place for a long enough amount of time such that the surface is grippy and durable.

Repairing a tire can be done in three ways: using a grindstone, patching the tire, and the traditional combining two of the same. Grindstones are the most effective as it not only combines the durability of both tires, but also gives a 25% bonus, the best option if you only have old tires lying around. Patching a tire requires a piece of wool and a coal block, and you'll need to vulcanize it as well. It's most effective when the tire is completely dead. Combining two of the same is the same old recipe of take two together, combine their durability and add 5%.

Rumor has it your tires can be enchanted with unbreaking and mending, but our tire supplier has refused to talk about this, claiming it is nonsense!

The Kick Scooter

Kick Scooters are an easy way to get around but you need some infrastructure, they can only get up slabs. They aren't the fastest but they're a nice, biome-independent alternative to horses.

To craft your scooter, you need to place iron items in a vaguely scooter-like shape. Don't forget wool for the handlebar or your hands might hurt after a while!

Press the W key to accelerate, and the S key to brake. The A and D keys will steer in their directions. As usual, press the Shift key to dismount a scooter.

You may need to perform maintenance on your scooter. Right click the scooter while sneaking to open its screen. On it, you can see the status of the tires. You can change them out, put them back on, but you cannot ride with missing tires.

The Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are the big brothers of the kick scooters. They drive faster, harder and stronger, but are much more expensive.

To craft an electric scooter, you need a scooter, two pieces of netherite scrap, two redstone dust, a redstone torch, and a lever.

For the electric scooter to work, you need batteries. Scooters accept potatoes as batteries, but potatoes alone are not batteries. You'll need to craft a potato battery by combining potatoes with copper nuggets and iron nuggets, for the electrodes.

On the scooter's screen, you can not only see the tires, but also the batteries and their status. The top slot accepts charged batteries. The bottom slot accepts dead batteries. The bar on the right represents how charged the current potato is, and the spark flashes when the scooter is recharging. There cannot be more than 64 potatoes at a time. Do not touch the batteries when they are being recharged.

Using up your battery, you'll end up with poisonous potatoes, which can then be recharged back up again. To recharge a scooter, you need a charging station. Park your scooter next to one and right click the charger. To unplug, right click either the charger, or the scooter.

The Charging Station

Charging stations are a nice extra. They provide power to electric scooters and help reduce waste by giving putting energy back in the spent potatoes.

They can be crafted with stone, redstone, gold, and quartz.

A charging station requires redstone power to be able to recharge a scooter.

Creative Mode

The Kick Scooter and the Electric Scooter items have unenchanted tires by default. The Electric Scooter does not come included with potatoes.

Driving a scooter in creative mode will not deplete your hunger, damage the tires, or discharge the potatoes.

The scooters, the tire, and the charging station are in the TRANSPORTATION tab in the creative inventory. The unprocessed tire is in the MISCELLANEOUS tab.