Favorite Quotes

The best and most resonating quotes I've come across

Your natural state is Enlightening. Everything else you’ve ever been told about yourself is a lie. We are trying to wake ourselves up, because we come from Source Energy and we are all one. We have to realize that our brothers and sisters that we’re seeing in the Dream are mere reflections of our inner self. Yin and Yang, Love and Hate, people that we dislike are mere reflections of our own character defects, people that we like and love are true successful manifestations of our deepest most inner self. We are beings of Light. Our mission is to be Creation, and create positive energy on Spaceship Earth.

— Hamish “Illusion” Patterson, abridged for Anamanaguchi’s (T-T)b, 2012

Luck is a superstitious element of human nature.

— Joshua “Joshimuz” Edwards, year unknown

It may be true that the world has no need of borders, but would getting rid of them really change anything? The world won’t change for the better unless we trust people, trust is vital in a peaceful world, but that will never happen… I’m still on the battlefield, right now I’m near a border. I want to see for myself what borders really mean, and what their volition really is. I may not find what I’m looking for but I still wanna try. Anyway that’s what I’ve come to believe and I think that’s enough.

— Larry “Solo Wing Pixy” Foulke (character from Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War), Project Aces, 2006

I’m starting to feel that, all of that shit about, like, “what is the keyboard,” “what is the IDE,” “what is the window manager” is sort of like a cargo cult? You know, that people see “oh you’re a programmer! That means I have to mimic you, I’m starting to buy the same things as you, when am I gonna become programmer, when I’m gonna make a lot of money, when, when, I already bought the keyboard, I already installed Emacs, money when,” this is not how it works. Sorry. Sorry, this is not how it works. You need to buy programming socks.

— Alexey “Rexim” Kutepov, 2022